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Hey, Boet, you need a Bonsmara!

Cowboy Logic: “Where there is a want, a need is born.”


In Mozambique market development is still in construction. There is so much room for development, the wide open African sky is literary the limit. Most Cattle farmers that we spoke to over the last couple of years, sell females and oxen, so they are not really focused on the weaner market…. The weaner market is practically nonexistent at this stage.

Farms are big, and if the farm is fully stocked, “cheap” land is always available next to you or in the neighbourhood… but surely, we need to start thinking ahead?

Already I heard some sounds of abattoirs starting to grade meat, so the next logical thing to follow would be some feedlots…. Now you need to ask yourself, are you ready for it? Do you have the right quality weaner calves? Remember, it takes years to breed the right type, so the sooner you start the better! Here is some motivation on why you need the right type.  Some research done by the Iowa State University’s livestock economist J Lawrence: “The most profitable steers in the feedlot in a grid marketing situation came from lower maintenance, moderate-sized, lower-cost cows.   It’s not a conflict.   The ones that are cheaper to feed at home produce more money on the other end.   The opposite is also true.   The higher-cost cows tended to produce less profitable steers in the feedlot.”

Currently farmers are selling Oxen around 4 years old, but what if your Ox was ready around 2.5 years? This could really up your production? Your farm’s Profitability, and a bonus you can keep more cows.


Because Bonsmara is early-maturing, it can breed oxen that are ready for slaughter off the veld around 2.5 years of age, with good fat dressing over the whole carcass.  Other breeds take up to 4 years for good fat dressing because they are late maturing.


By using genetics, like the Toro Ranch Bonsmara genetics (that are available right here in Mozambique) and genetics from Gelykwater Bonsmara ( in South Africa), farmers can make more money earlier in the cycle. Because having Early-maturing, Easy-fleshing hardy animals that will be marketable at a younger age directly from the veld means more money in your pocket. Tom Lasater once said, “The cattle business is a simple business.   The hard part is keeping it simple.”


Less input = More Profits






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