Cowboy Logic: “Most people are more
comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.”

After a couple of rainy weeks, we have a sunny day today and we can hear the grass grow!! We are so thankful for the near 350mm we had since the beginning of February. We feel easy about going into winter with sufficient grass.

Isn’t the above quote so true? We get stuck in our old ways and see our old problems…. Like, for example, logistics in Mozambique…. A good gene-pool… well some farmers in the Chimoio district found a solution!

We loaded 4 Preformance tested Bonsmara Bulls to Chimoio in Manica province.
Congratulations Chris and Phillipa Serofntein of Moz-Agri, Sakkie van Zyl of Vunduzi Investimentos and Dwight Lagore of ASAM with your purchase and we know that these bulls will make a huge positive impact in your herds all bringing some positive Toro Ranch Bonsmara traits to your operation.


Some of the Bulls going to Chimoio

This made me think. What do commercial cattle farmers want in a herd sire, or what do they look for when buying a bull?

An Australian farmer, Steven Farmer said: “You might spend one day a year buying bulls, but you could live with the consequences of those decisions or the next 15 years.”

Just think about that! 15 years!

According to some websites like and leading cattle farmers all over the world, the focus should be on:
• Fertility
• Fast growth
• Early maturing
• Good temperament
• Easy fleshing
• Low maintenance
• EBV’s (Estimated breeding values

Closer to home a couple of South-African commercial farmers had the following to say in the August 2017 Edition of the Bonsmara magazine, Die Rooi Ras
Important traits for them are:
• Growth
• Fertility
• Good conformation, depth, length and Capacity
• Smooth coat
• Good feet

While reading these articles and websites I realized once again that our objectives and those of a commercial farmer isn’t that far apart… for many years we have worked hard to breed the above traits and more into our herd. (All our bulls and their ancestors have been performance tested, so we do have accurate EBV’s available.)

At Toro Ranch Bonsmara we want to help you to improve your herd. Our long-term success is totally dependent upon the long-term success of our customers. And therefore, we are a one-stop Stud farm where you can get affordable bulls along with our signature next to each bull’s ID number.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Come and visit us and let’s help change your mind!

We would love to hear from our Mozambican cattle farmers. What do you look for when buying a bull?

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