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Offal and Pet

Vision & Mission

We take every step to assure you of the highest levels quality:

  • Farmed with passion and care on our series of free-range farms.
  • Adhere to global standard of cold chain storage from source of production to customer.
  • Complete Traceability – Farm to Fork.

How we work?

Order Online

Select your product and order online.  Ordering of meat online, now made easy.

Order Preperation

An expert professional butcher cuts your desired portion.

Delivery to an Area near you.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy your fresh and healthy meat!

So many reasons to LOVE Toro Ranch!

We serve the quality

Get the cut you want with our skilled butchers.

No Hidden Cost

No additional charges or hidden cost. You only pay for what you ordered!

Fast Delivery

Weekly delivery, between Ponta do Ouro and Beira.

  • All other areas please contact us.

Superior Customer Service

We are here to help you with everything related to our products. Give us a call or send a whatsapp!

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on order of above 2,000 MZN

Between Ponta do Ouro and Beira

All other areas, please contact us.

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