Toro Ranch is the 1st Registered Bonsmara Cattle Stud in Mozambique. We adhere to all the requirements of Bonsmara SA and SA Studbook.

We breed and provide the African market with quality, medium framed Bonsmara cattle that are adapted to the African conditions.

We Provide the market with quality breeding animals in order to better Beef production.

Our Free-range farming systems focus on using only superior genetics and the highest animal welfare standards. The highest standards over living conditions, food quality, transport and slaughter are followed.

We work closely with nature to ensure that all the animals benefit from these high standards. We also have close links with veterinarians and the Department of agriculture  – to develop and promote higher animal welfare standards across the whole of the farming sector. We are a conservationist farming operation.

Truly free range

Unlike many other farming systems, Free-range cows and other animals spend much of their lives outdoors where they can graze naturally on a diet of grass and shrubs. The Mozambican bushveld farms are planned and developed into big pastures, where animals can roam in their natural habitat.

What makes Free-range different? 

  • Free range – By law, cows must be at pasture whenever conditions allow, over 200 days on average
  • Fewer pesticides & no artificial fertilisers used on pasture
  • Cows fed a grass-rich, GM free diet (minimum 60% grass-based)
  • Routine antibiotic usage banned
  • No system of farming has higher wildlife benefits

Toro Ranch cows are truly happy cows that lives the natural life that was intended for them.

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