300 Toro Ranch Users Thank you !!

Toro-Ranch have experiencing exponential growth and have reach a total new users of 300 users. We would like to thank each and every one of our happy customers. We are striving to serve each and every one of our users. Thanks for your suppo…
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Sticky Spare ribs!

Spare ribs and Gordon Ramsay. Two names I love in one sentence! Spare ribs, also know as side-ribs are a favourite in our household!! It makes a wonderful protein snack or starter and young and old enjoys it as a main course.   I've…


  The decision you make today, will determine where you are tomorrow   We have a very good friend who always refers to Breeders and Multipliers. It’s always a hard question to ask oneself… which are you? Where do you place yourself?…

Inspection time is Reflection time

As a Stud farmer a yearly inspection feels like an exam. Inspectors are evaluating your life work
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Temperament oh temperament

Disposition is a topic that can lead to heated discussions among ranchers. I decided we fall under the category Ranch and not farm, but more about this in a later post. Off course we all have our personal preference, but we can’t see any…
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The Big M.....

The Question I dread the most:"And what about Malaria?"
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Paradise & Island

Driving to town this morning, through mud and water, getting past vehicles that got stuck in the mud, I wish I was back in December on our magical Holiday in Inhassoro! I just love the little town. Can’t get enough of it! December highlights After…
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Farm talk

The grass is such a magnificent green this time of year and we are truly blessed with all the rain we had. The drought of 2016 isn’t far out of our minds and as we were driving around on the farm yesterday (we weren’t too adventurous because…
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The Pafuri road

You never know how the Pafuri road will treat you. Will you cross the Limpop river or will it be flooded? Will you get lost? Venture there where Google maps haven't gone yet